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Are you looking to achieve toned, beautiful-looking skin?

Forma by InMode uses radio frequency waves to stimulate the formation of new collagen. It can improve your skin’s elasticity for long-lasting improvements.

Key Benefits of FORMA:

  • The results can be seen immediately. Your fine lines and wrinkles will be less noticable after you leave Redefine Med Spa.

  • Forma contours the face or body to achieve a slimmer, more youthful appearance.

  • Forma will stimulate collagen generation, resulting in improved skin health and volume for many months to come. 

  • Unlike many other laser treatments, Forma is FDA-approved and safely used on all skin types.

  • A comfortable and pain-free experience.


What is FORMA by InMode?

Forma is a skin and tissue remodeling technology that uses an advanced heating applicator. Radiofrequency delivers painless treatment via electrodes using non-invasive technology, and its settings can be adjusted to ensure optimal results. Although the contouring isn't as dramatic as Morpheus8, there are still great results to be seen. The technology is FDA-approved, and unlike other lasers and machines, it can be used on any skin type.


A major advantage of Forma is that it can be used on delicate areas of the face. With this tool, wrinkles, acne scars, and other imperfections can be smoothed away. Your face will appear more uniform all around. The radiofrequency heating technology helps your skin look younger

Am I a Candidate for FORMA Skin Tightening?

Forma is a great option for anyone looking for non-surgical skin tightening and increased elasticity. It can be used on virtually any part of the body to achieve a more contoured appearance and is suitable for all skin types and tones. Forma should not be used in place of exercise or a balanced diet as a weight-loss aid, but rather, it should be used in conjunction with them. Forma can be used to improve the texture of lax skin and give it a lifted appearance. Forma may not be suitable for you if you have an active skin condition, endocrine disorder, or serious medical condition.


Forma can be the quick, non-invasive solution you've been looking for if you're tired of loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles

Forma Skin tightening Kearney Nebraska | Redefine Medical Spa

Why choose us for Forma Skin Tightening?

At Redefine MedSpa, we make sure every skin rejuvenation procedure our patients receive is right for both their health and their aesthetic goals. During your consultation, we will assess your medical history and medication use, as well as examine the area or areas you would like to improve with Forma. 


At Redefine MedSpa, we are proud to offer safe, cutting-edge care to each and every patient. If we think your case will be better treated with an alternative treatment, we will suggest what we believe your best option will be. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about Forma or any additional skin treatment during your consultation.

Forma: Explanatory Video 

  • How Does Botox Work?
    BOTOX was developed to target the cause of fine lines and wrinkling. Over time, facial expressions such as squinting, smiling or frowning cause the facial skin to contract, over and over. BOTOX is injected into the muscles in constant motion, causing them to relax. With reduced muscle activity you will see smoother skin and fewer facial lines.
  • When Should You Start Getting Botox?
    There is no set age to start getting BOTOX treatments. If you are in your mid-20s, you might begin to see superficial lines around your eyes. Or maybe a bit later in life, you notice wrinkling, deeper creases created by facial motions, called “dynamic wrinkles.” Men and women of all ages can benefit from BOTOX injections.
  • Does Botox treatment hurt?
    BOTOX is injected using a tiny needle, and most patients do not find the injections painful. You may feel a small pinch from the needle at the injection site.
  • When will I see results?
    You should begin to see results in a few days after your BOTOX injections. Optimal results are achieved at two weeks.
  • How long does Botox last?
    Depending on how well you care for your skin, BOTOX injections can last in the range of four to six months before requiring retreatment.
  • Can I get Botox while pregnant or breastfeeding?
    It is not recommended to receive any BOTOX treatments while pregnant or breastfeeding. The effects of the treatment are local but pregnant women must be more careful than others due to the growing baby. During this time alternative treatments such as mild facials or scrubs can keep your skin fresh and glowing.
  • Which is better: Botox or Fillers?
    While both Botox and dermal fillers like Restylane are long-lasting treatments that can be used to reduce wrinkles, they each take slightly different approaches, treat slightly different problems, and are used in different areas of the face. Botox relaxes muscles so they don't contract and form creases, while dermal fillers fill in or plump up areas that have lost volume or smoothness.
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